Thank you St. Marys Cement

Thank you to St. Marys Cement who, on behalf of their employees, donated $175,000 to the project.

Thank you Tradition Mutual

Tradition Mutual shows they care donating $150,000.

“It was unanimously felt that the hospice is a worthy cause touching many people and generations in the heart of our community.”

— Tradition Mutual Board of Directors

Thank you Rotary

Thank you Rotary for committing $1.0M to the project! We are thrilled to announce the building will now be known as the Stratford Perth Rotary Hospice.

Because We Care

Stratford Perth Hospice Foundation is a community based charitable organization committed to establishing a residential hospice in Perth County where palliative individuals, as well as their loved ones, are supported through their end-of-life journeys. Our community’s hospice home will provide a needed alternative to institutional care facilities and home care, an essential option that does not currently exist in Perth County.


Imagine a compassionate place where all who enter are warmly welcomed and cared forat no cost. A comfortable place where pain is kept at bay to make space and time for whatever brings you joy. Hospice palliative care is the better ending we all deserve.


Help us build it!



Your Donation's Impact

  • Better end-of-life care for people that provides a one-stop service for those with a life-limiting illness
  • Better support for caregivers, family and friends
  • Better, more coordinated care across the entire healthcare system
  • Better awareness and understanding of hospice palliative care

Take a look at our hospice design plans...

Construction is underway. Currently concrete footings are being poured. Foundation walls are next!


Your Stories


I was excited when the possibility of a Residential Hospice started to become more than just wishful thinking.


My father passed away in 1999 from complications due to Emphysema.  After several weeks as a patient at Stratford General it became clear my mother could no longer care for him at home and the hospital was not able to keep him there any longer.  He was moved to a nursing home.  Although the Palliative Care Unit had been open for 5 years, it did not seem tha...more

Garry & Linda

I want to share my experience which demonstrates why we desperately need a Hospice in Perth County.

My husband was Garry Muir.

The difficult journey that my husband and I had to go through and was made a little more bearable with the medical care, help, and support of strangers in a place we only heard good things about but had never seem until we needed to be there -- Sakura House Hospice.

My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2013. He we...more

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Thank You Event Sponsors!

  • Boston Pizza
  • Cozyn's Garden Gallery
  • Fellini's Italian Restaurant
  • Festival City Run
  • Ontario Home Heath/
       Ontario Home Oxygen
  • Rotary Club of Stratford
  • Sutton Realty
  • Shackleton's Real Estate
       & Auction Co.