Is This The Right Volunteer Opportunity For Me?


Successful volunteers are individuals who can explain why they are drawn to this type of work, have some personal knowledge of what it’s like to lose a special person, and are aware of the differences in the way people experience grief and bereavement.

Our volunteers are able to listen and support, and assure their client that their time together is focused on the client’s situation and support needs. They understand that volunteer work is about creating an accepting and non-judgmental space for conversation and is not a place to vent their own opinions, losses or grievances or to act as a professional healthcare provider.


If you have experienced a recent significant loss in your own life, we ask that you wait one year to apply to become a volunteer. We want to ensure that you have worked through your own loss and are emotionally prepared for the work of a hospice volunteer.

Although tremendously rewarding and meaningful, hospice volunteer work can also be emotionally draining. Successful volunteers develop excellent support systems to nourish their own well-being and have healthy ways of relieving stress.


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