Naming Opportunities


There are many ways that you can support the construction of Stratford Perth Hospice. One is a lead gift -- $25,000 to $1,000,000 -- with commensurate naming opportunities. When making a pledge towards a naming opportunity, pledge payments may be made over multiple years (ideally a maximum of three).  Naming opportunities are available for:



LocationMinimum DonationDonor
Kitchen$150,000Available For Donation
Great Room$150,000Available For Donation
East Wing $125,000 Available For Donation
West Wing$125,000Available For Donation
Dining Lounge$125,000Confirmed
Entrance Drive $100,000Hold
Psychosocial/Spiritual Space$100,000Available For Donation
Lounge$100,000Available For Donation
Reflection Room$100,000


Main Entrance/Lobby$100,000Available For Donation
Resident Room 1$100,000Available For Donation
Resident Room 2$100,000Available For Donation
Resident Room 3$100,000Available For Donation
Resident Room 4$100,000Available For Donation
Resident Room 5$100,000Available For Donation
Resident Room 6$100,000Available For Donation
Resident Room 7$100,000Available For Donation
Resident Room 8$100,000Available For Donation
Resident Room 9$100,000Available For Donation
Resident Room 10$100,000Available For Donation
Care Centre$100,000Available For Donation
Spa$100,000Available For Donation
Conference Centre$75,000Available For Donation
Entrance Walkway$75,000Hold
Courtyard (x4)$75,000 eachHold(1)
Private Reflection Courtyard$75,000Available For Donation
Terrace (upper level)$75,000Available For Donation
Director of Care Office$75,000Available For Donation
Multi-purpose Space$50,000Available For Donation
Pharmacy$50,000Available For Donation
Reception/Foyer (upper level)$50,000Available For Donation
Reflection Water Feature$50,000

In memory of:

John Mavity

Team Lounge$50,000Hold
Therapy Office$25,000Available For Donation
Exam Room$25,000Available For Donation
Counselling Office$25,000Confirmed
Donor Wall$50,000Available For Donation



Thank You Leadership Donors!


City of Stratford


Rotary Club of Stratford